Yew can be found mainly through the northern hemisphere and in particular next to the areas of the Pre-Alps. Yews are trees of medium height and it can reach up to 15 meters. It is well known for its cortex which is dark red and smoother the younger the tree. It gets more fiber-like with the passing of the time. Yews are generally long lasting trees, there are very old trees which reached 1500 years of age.

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Yew characteristics

Yew characteristicsYew’s leaves are vivid green on the top and lighter on the lower surface. They are long and linear. The do not have pines but their specific fruits are red and made in a cup shape with a long dark seed on the bottom. All the organs of the yews are toxic, so that it is traditionally called “tree of death”. It is only the lower part of the fruit which is not toxic and it can be collected. In fact, saving the seeds, you can multiply the plant letting them bud in specific compost places keeping the mold wet.

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Yew tree likes sun-exposed locations liking also the half shadowed places. It does not appreciate salty winds but it can be grown in the city parks because of its high resistance to air pollution. It fits in any kind of soil, even though it likes to be placed in humid but fresh places, even better if mixed with limestone and clay.

Yew care

Yew careBeing very strong, yews do not need much care, but they are the perfect allies for people who like to decorate plants and shape them in particular ways. It tolerates shadows as much as sun exposure, but it has the possibility to fill its eventual holes growing leaves, helping the tree-cutter with its natural shape. Walls and arcs can also be created by knowing how to cut and trim the yew so that it grows in a specific direction. Its decorative purpose is often the main reason why people tend to choose this tree as aid for aesthetic creations for their homes, having green and red color as main feature attracting the taste of many.

Yew maintenance

Yews are not easily affected by parasites, but fungal diseases should not be ignored. In fact, anti-fungal treatments are welcome, and it is helpful to the tree growth when the location conditions are not ideal. Being toxic for most part, though, it does not request much maintenance because it does it all by itself. On the contrary, it could be harmful for animals and living beings who could get hurt by chewing its leaves and trunk parts.