Draining Infusions

Draining Infusions

In this case, a draining infusion is our biggest ally to let out liquids which are unwelcome in our system. Draining infusions have also the advantage of including several other benefits coming from the herbs they are made of. Before making your infusion, ask your herbal specialist for dosage and ways of preparation, depending on your needs.
Draining Infusions

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Draining Infusions Characteristics Draining infusions have more than often, two main ingredients: birch and artichoke. These two plants have plenty of draining features in addition to purifying benefits. Dandelion can be added to improve the draining effect absorbing toxins, most of all in the case of cellulites. Many other herbs can be added to the solution to improve the taste and make it more pleasant to our personal taste. Most of the times you can add those plants that, beyond their characteristic good taste, they also own other beneficial effect potential which can get along with the draining effect of the main ingredients.

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    Draining infusions The effects are of course related to our need to free our body from toxins and excessive water retention. A draining infusion can be helpful if connected to some other particular attentions we have to pay in order to get a full effect, without wasting time and money. Following some simple rules this can be accomplished very easily. One, and the most important, is not to mix the infusion with chemical products or other medications. If to this, you can add some physical activity or sport, then you are halfway through the process of getting better.


    There are several plants helping with the purpose of being part of a draining infusion. Many phytotherapic herbs have draining and detoxifying principles. You can find as many as recipes as you want, but you will always follow the same procedure to have a good infusion. Fill up a cup with previously boiled water, then add a scoop of each plant you want to mix and let it all in infusion. Leave it there for a couple of minutes, depending on the suggestion and directions of your herbal specialists. Filter the solution to remove the soaked herbs and just keep the water. Drink the infusion and, even though it would be better to have it sugarless, you can stir a little bit of honey to make it a little sweeter.