Aquatic plants

Depending on the level they are immerged there are two types of species: hydrophytes and helophytes. Hydrophytes are plants totally immerged into water or floating (with trunk and leaves into the water) and usually live where water is deep. Helophytes plants live in shallow water with trunk and leaves out of the water. They could be annual or perennial and feed themselves with mineral salts of the water where they live. From the same water they take oxygen and carbon dioxide necessary for the photosynthesis. Aquatic plants are structurally strong and only aphides could represent a menace for their health. In this section you will find data sheet dedicated to some aquatic plants species and the way to take care of them. Here you will also find useful information about how to build an artificial lake in your garden the way to create an as more natural environment as possible for your water lily and lotus.Aquatic plants are very delicate and sensitive; once in their habitat they create around them a certain equilibrium, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , for that reason they donít need an obsessive attention: when we meddle with their environment a dangerous change in their life equilibrium occurs. You should know how much space you could dedicate them and at the same time you should know the dimension of the aquatic plant you want to grow. Some species have big dimensions so they need a really big water basin to content them. Otherwise there are smaller species you can grow in a little artificial lake or into a bowl. Water lily and lotus (nelumbo) are the most famous and diffused of aquatic plants. Lots of nurseries are specialized in send flowers in special packaging all over the world together with little fishes that keep the water and their roots clean. Apart from flowers, another famous specie is the reed, a bushy aquatic plant diffused in the maritime zones of all continents. Here you will find the marsilea too, classified as an aquatic fern even if its shape is totally different from usual ferns and a less famous species growing in shallow water such as sagittaria latifolia with little white flowers and big leaves.Link between oriental philosophies and religions and aquatic flower is often very strong. This is the case of lotus that in lots of oriental religions is an expression of great mysticism and symbolism. The same happens for water lily that in Greek mythology represents an unreciprocated love while for the Egyptian symbolizes sunrise. In the Anglo-Saxon culture, Water lily means pureness and chastity.