Aloe is a succulent plant, that is a plant able to store up a great quantity of water. It is native to the arid areas of Africa, Madagascar and Arabia. It is an evergreen springtime flowering plant which dimensions are huge so it is better to grow it outdoor preferably in subtropical climates. Among aloe species there is the variegated aloe, arborescens, chinensis and the most diffused and famous aloe vera. In this section we will talk about the different species of aloe and their different uses. We will also talk about many products produced using aloe and all the main features and properties this plant owns. Another field we will look after is the one concerning diseases treated using it.Aloe is mostly known because of its healthy properties and different uses from medicine to cosmetic. Now a day the main aloe properties are: depurative, digestive, ... continua

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    • Aloe

      Aloe Aloe has also many kinds of species to count on, and it was a plant which was known also during the
    • Aloe Gel

      Aloe Gel Ancient populations used to deal with aloe plants to get its anti-inflammatory properties, in additi
    • Aloe Vera

      Aloe Vera Aloe develops most of all in those places where the climate is particularly dry and hot and the pres
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      prosegui ... , stimulates immune defence system, remedy against bones diseases, antioxidant, antitumor, cicatrizing. The plants parts used are fresh leaves picked at the end of summer from whom a kind of gel is extracted to heal burnings or wounds or rather to rehydrate skin and treat psoriasis. Aloe powder helps liver regularise its functions, while infused is a good laxative used as a dietetic infusion. Another useful employment of aloe is in the cosmetic field, above all the most famous among aloe species, the aloe vera, which is used in shampoos, balms, creams and everything is useful for beauty care. In cooking, its juice is used as ingredient in liquors, bitters, tonic liquors called fernet, juices, non-alcoholic drinks and jams.First signs of utilisation of aloe date back to 2.200 (before Christ). Assyrians and Babylonians used it mainly as a digestive extracting from the leaves such a potion called Sibaru. In Egypt aloe was a strong symbol of immortality. Egyptians used to put the plant at the pyramids entrance just to show to the dead pharaohs the way through the dead mens land. They used aloe even to embalm during the mummification process and, being them the enema inventors, they used it as a physic enema too mixing it with other herbs. First studies on aloe were held in Europe around 1850 and in 1959 aloe healing properties was confirmed officially. Aloe is used even in the oriental medicine both Tibetan and ayurvedic as a remedy against ears, eyes and open wounds infections.
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