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Actually, some of them last for two seasons (biennial) but because of their insufficient qualitative performance in the next vegetative season are included among the annual plants. Most of them germinate at the very beginning of spring, flower through summer, then die as soon as the first intense winter cold arrives. In this section we are going to mainly talk about flowers decorating our home outdoors. Take care of them is very easy and cheap too because of their use: they are planted just to enjoy their elegant and joyful efflorescence. With our data sheet we will bring you to learn or to deepen your knowledge about the different species of annual and biennial plants and flowers, their vegetative cycle, how to take care of them and how to protect them from parasitic.Annual plants are very common in our balconies, terraces and gardens. Their charm is all in their flowers bright colours. Let them grow is a very cheap, ... continua

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      Campanula In the past Campanula was considered to be part of the Liliaceae family, until further studies have
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      Pansy We usually find violas planted in vases or in the ground depending on whether it is meant to be a me
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      Violet Violets can reach 30 cm in height and their stalk is not very long. Leaves start from the stalk in a
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      prosegui ... , easy and pleasant job providing to follow the right growing scheme. In fact annual plants are classified into two categories flowering in different periods: spring plants to be seeded at the very beginning of spring, they flower before summer and die when cold temperatures come; autumn plants should be bed out at the end of summer, they live and flower until the end of winter. Some annual plants are called “semi-rustic”, that means that they cannot stand the winter season so they must be kept safe indoor until the very spring beginning and their florescence lasts until the later autumn.Inside this big family there are very common flowers we can find everywhere such as geranium, pansy, different species of begonia, petunia, gardenia and flowers known for their growing over nature such as portulaca, or carnivorous plants like sarracenia whose leaves shaped as a tube are traps for preys. There are also plants and flower with lots of peculiar, interesting characteristics that make them usable for a great range of things. For example, the mallow is a herbal plant used for infusions and the sunflower berries are edible and used to produce oil and balms. Some of annuals plants main features make them useful in medicine: calendula, for example, has flowers used as a phytotherapeutic remedy; periwinkle is rich of an alkaloid called vincistrine used as an antitumor drug.
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