The classic barbecue is the simple model with a grill laid on a base covered with coal. As time passed by, these instruments have evolved creating more complex models. Now we can count of models that do not even generate a lot of smoke so that they can be used anywhere, for example on terraces or balconies. Moreover, there are electric barbecues where the only thing to do is to plug the main wire to the power-plug and let the food broil, even during winter season.Gas-fired barbecues are created for those who do not think they have time to wait for the coal to be ready. You just need a gas bowl and these kinds of barbecues have also a top cover where a thermometer is placed to check on the temperature inside the grill.Brick walls barbecues are the fixed versions of regular barbecues. They can have various dimensions and they can be used by multiple people. Just like the others, ... continua

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    • Brazier

      Brazier Chimneys and fireplaces were used for the inside of the house, and braziers were placed with the cha
    • Gas-fired Barbecue

      Gas-fired Barbecue Opting for a gas-fired barbecue is linked to the need of having a place where you can cook without h
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      prosegui ... , it has to have a grill to be placed over the coal where food must be laid down without touching any incandescent stone. They have to designed by expert to avoid problems during the cooking process such as smoke and fire hazard. A do-it-yourself version of this, is made by putting a couple of bricks one on the other and then adding a grill to bridge the two sides: an economic and fast version when barbecue craving is too strong.Those that are particularly passionate about barbecues, do not even consider the electric types because, to them, the real meaning of barbecuing is the whole process of getting the coal ready at the perfect time and temperature, allowing the perfect environment for the food to be cooked as preferred. There are different substances to use to turn on the barbecue. It is not suggested to use personal ways that can be dangerous for the whole family and friends. Food must be placed on the grill when the coal is ready and not during the process when there is actually some smoke coming out from the stones.Barbecues should be cleaned every time they are used to avoid crusts and rests of food to evolve into molds or diseases. Ashes from the coal must be replaced with new coal and, if using the gas types, be sure you close the gas bowl when you are finished with the whole process.
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