Application of metal wire

Application of metal wire:

Application of metal wire

If you want to change the direction of branches of your bonsai that are already lignified, or even semi-lignified, you can adopt the metal wire technique.

Malleable metal wire Is applied around the branch, and then you can bend the branch, giving it the inclination and direction you desire.

Continue by preparing a portion of wire about twice as long as the part that you intend to bend; then twist the wire around the branch, starting from the base, wrapping it in spirals, trying to wrap it in a very regular manner.

Take care to do this when the plant is in full vegetative growth, remembering to choose the most suitable diameter of wire, composed of a material that is easy to bend, such as copper or aluminum.

You must be careful when positioning the wire coils, because too much wire can lead to unsightly scars that will remain on the bark. Also remember to remove the thread after a few months, or when the branch is developing in the direction we want, otherwise as the plant grows it will damage the bark.

Also remember to choose a diameter of wire that is suitable for the branch you mean to affect: so for instance avoid using thick wire to wrap round a branch of small dimensions.

Application of metal wire

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