Bonsai from cuttings

Bonsai from cuttings:

Bonsai from cuttings

Remove some healthy and luxuriant branches from the shrub you want to propagate by cuttings.

Prepare a well sharpened pair of pruning scissors and a grafting knife.

To root the cuttings you need a substrate consisting of sand and peat in equal parts, with well-shredded and dampened peat. Use this mixture to fill a small vase that will hold the cuttings up to complete rooting.

From the branches taken earlier, you can obtain long portions approximately 7 to 10 centimetres long.

Cut the woody base off the cuttings with the grafting knife, obtaining an oblique section; immerse the cuttings briefly in rooting hormone and then press them down a couple of centimetres into the soil prepared in advance.

Repeat this process for all the cuttings: prepare them, then cut the leaves at the top of the twigs, and remove the outer half of the leaves at the bottom of the cuttings.

Bonsai from cuttings


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