Repotting a bonsai obtained by layering

Repotting a bonsai obtained by layering:

Repotting a bonsai obtained by layering

Remove the layering from the shrub which you have prepared, making a clean cut below the bag containing the moss that envelops the branch. With the help of nippers cut the wire that holds the plastic film around the moss, taking care not to damage the foliage of your new plant. After this operation, you can easily see the roots that have developed from the branch you have prepared beforehand.

Apply pruning mastic at the base of the layering, ie to the living wood revealed by cutting the layering from the tree. Fill a small pot and plant the bonsai, taking care to bury the new root system well, and trying to keep the new plant you have obtained firmly in place.

Repotting a bonsai obtained by layering

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