Bonsai styles

Bonsai styles:

Bonsai styles

The cultivation of bonsai is an art that has been known for centuries. In this art many styles have developed over time: there are about thirty of these, grouped into five main types. The five main styles of bonsai were classified according to the different angles and shapes they can have, and which the trunk might be given:

- Formal upright;

- Informal upright;

- Inclined;

- Semi-cascade;

- Cascade.

One of the first things you should do so as soon as you decide to grow a bonsai is to decide what style you want to adopt. The choice of style depends on the type of plant and the natural structure of the plant. The bonsai plant is "educated" to the style that its grower chooses, but it is essential that the style does not go against the nature of the plant.The best rule is always to choose the most appropriate style to reproduce the spontaneous and harmonious forms of nature.

Some examples:

- CHOKKAN: formal upright style;

- MOYOGI: informal or casual upright style;

- SHAKAN: inclined style;

- FUKINAGASHI: windswept style

- KENGAI: cascade Style

- HAN-kengai: semi-cascade style

- YOSE-UE grove style

- BUNJIINGI: Literati style

- IKADA: raft style

- SOKAN: double trunk style

- HOKIDACHI: broom style

- ISHI-ZUKE: rock style

Bonsai styles

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