Watering Bonsai

Watering Bonsai:

Plants grown in small containers need regular and carefully measured watering.

Don’t let the soil dry for excessive periods of time, and remember to intensify watering in case of drought, and to thin them out during the cold months.

To water bonsai you can proceed in two ways:

- The classic method is the rain method; as is done for any other plant, wet the surface of the ground by means of a watering can or other sprinkler.

Remember that it is always unwise to move the earth in a bonsai pot, to avoid damage to the root system, so apply water in a very fine and delicate manner, possibly using a special watering can for bonsai.

- Another very good method for watering bonsai is by the immersion method: especially for plants that require large quantities of water, or in the case of very dry soil.

Place the plant in a container that holds it comfortably, then add water up to the edge of the bonsai pot.

Leave the plant immersed in water, so that the substrate does not become wet in the upper part, and then lift the vessel and leave it to drain for a few minutes before placing it back in its own pot.

During watering, you can also carry out manuring. In the case of watering by immersion, avoid dissolving an excessive amount of fertilizer in the water.

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