The most important tool for a botanic specialist is the herbal book where samples of any kinds of plants are stored and classified. Descriptions are usually attached in order to get the distribution and the status in nature of those plants. Usually a book made of at least two thousand samples is well composed, and the samples are all divided in groups like family, genre and similar. There are also samples which have to be stored in liquid solutions which means that all the tools of a botanic specialist can be found in a botanic laboratory and its related places.

During the ancient times, botanic was more a practice to create magic swills and potions. Passing the time, medications and herbal remedies were created in order to heal diseases and parasites that could affect humans and animals. Nowadays this science has developed a structure which sees the study of the plants and the vegetable world not only in relation to the mankind, ... continua

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    • Botanical card

      Botanical card A botanic sheet is a document reporting all the information relating to a specific species of plant.
    • Botanical Garden

      Botanical Garden A botanical garden is a huge area which is designed to be a garden. Many European botanical gardens
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      prosegui ... , but also to the connections existing among the various aspects of the natural world. Plants and flower are studied for potential new discoveries in any fields, from biotechnology to medical science. Botanic has developed throughout the years as the mother of other sciences which get specialized in specific topics and elements of the botanic world. Flowers and plants are studied as much as fungi, molds, fossils, minerals and so on. Of course, it becomes obvious that the botanic field cannot stay on its own; in fact, once its main elements get analyzed and studied, scientists and scholars cannot help but see also the interactions with the animal world, such as that of insects and species which are directly related to the plants and their environment. Thanks to botanic, a huge part of nowadays medications and remedies got discovered and improved, allowing to help human health. If we can count on antibiotics and healing substances it is not because we developed a chemical element or substance from nothing, but rather because nature has provided us with plants, flowers, vegetable elements that have been studied and transformed, utilized and preserved, giving us the chance to get out the positive characteristics to be used in pharmacology and other fields.