A bulb is a stem with fleshy leaves or leaf bases. It is a vegetative propagation organ which carries out an endurance function allowing plants to overcome adverse climatic and environmental conditions such as cold, drought, freeze. Bulbs are delicate, it should be better to plant them as soon after as you buy them in cool soil from September to December. They could be grown in pots or directly in the ground too. It is very easy to grow them and paying due attention to some devices you will see your bulbs flowering, even if you are gardening beginners. In this section we will write about different bulbs, how to take care of them, how to grow them, their basic needs concerning watering, light, climate, soil, fertilizers, placement.

How many times have you see bulbous plants? Callas, lilies, tulips, irises, dahlias, narcissus all are enough diffused in gardens with their wonderful flowers. Calla is a perennial plant with beautiful white flowers. Its name has a Greek root and comes from Kalos, ... continua

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    • Iris

      Iris The term, in Greek, means rainbow. Iris is generally used as ornamental plants for gardens, terraces
    • Lily

      Lily It is originally from Europe, Asia, and Northern America. Its leaves do not regenerate each year as
    • Soil

      Soil As a general rule, the ideal soil is composed by a mold which is freed from rocks and other residual
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      prosegui ... , that means beautiful. Lily is one of the most diffused bulbous plants with almost eighty different species excluded hybrids. It is native to Europe, Asia and North America and its bulbs and other parts of its structure are used as natural remedies and healthy infusions. Tulips is an Oriental flower but it is well known in Europe thanks to the Dutch plantations. Dahlia is native to Mexico even if is widely diffused across Europe. This bulb give life to wonderful flowers considered among the best flower to decorate gardens and terraces. The specie known as iris includes something like two hundred different species and its name derives from the Greek word meaning rainbow. They are mainly used to decorate gardens, terraces and flowerbeds. Other bulbs data sheet you will find here will be dedicated to cyclamen, snowdrop, glad, buttercup, hemerocallis, amaryllis, agapanthus.We use to consider bulbs as blooming and flowering plants giving wonderful and bright coloured flowers. Actually, there are bulbs in the most unusual species we wouldn’t think about. This is the case of garlic, onion, leek, scallion. Surprisingly, these bulbs when blooming they have wonderful flowers. For example, garlic when it is springtime blooms with pleasant and very ornamental purple flowers. Even onion blooms with white black spotted flowers. Scallion is the one with no flowers.
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