Blood orange, Sicily lemon and citron are just three of the various kinds of fruits that we can have thanks to the existence of citrus fruit trees. Originally from middle east, citrus fruits are now grown all over the sub-tropical zones of the whole world. Citrus fruits should be part of our diet because they do own a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients that will keep us healthy. Being versatile and adaptable plants, different species of citrus trees have been mixed by agriculturists, giving birth to new hybrid fruits with mixed flavor, but same nourishing value.The products of these evergreen citrus trees, have basically all the same features. They are characterized by a rough riddle-like skin, usually green, yellow or orange, with a typical smell. Between the skin and the pulp there is a white film that covers the slices of the fruits, ... continua

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    • Citrus

      Citrus Citrus species include that series of plants which are originally from Asia and which are considere
    • Clementine tree

      Clementine tree Its dimensions are reduced and it can last longer than regular tangerine trees while its shape is pa
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      Lemon When grown strong and healthy, a lemon tree can reach up to 6 mt in height, its branches grow thorns
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      prosegui ... , protecting them. The citrus fruits can be eaten fresh or sprinkled, getting sauces and juices. They are allowed different usage in the culinary field, from regular dishes to marmalades, jams and desserts.Nowadays we see people trying to grow their own citrus tree on terraces and small places, just to have fresh lemons or fresh oranges when the season comes. Unfortunately, they will not live long because citrus trees should have their own space and their warm weather to grow. It is hard to make them bud from seeds if we want to have a productive plant, since graft is the best way to reproduce them with specific graft systems.Be sure to plant your citrus once the freeze is gone and spring is taking place. To fertilize the soil, it is necessary to analyze it to check for elements and diseases. They have to be settled in places with a good drainage system because, although the like water, too much of it would make them get rotten. Be careful of wild weed plants that could suffocate your citrus stealing water. Remember to clear the ground whenever possible. Trimming the citrus is a very particular process that would request the presence of an expert. The branches that fructify will be those of the previous year, so be sure not to cut the old branches but save the new ones for the following harvest. February and March are those months when the leaves absorb nutrients and sunlight so do not trim during this period, but not even when the weather is too hot or too low. Keep the shape of a globe for your trees, and collect citrus fruits when they are completely mature.