Just like teas and infusions, you have to get the water boil. Instead of turning the fire off though, you just keep it going, water boiling, spreading the herbs and stirring. You have to let the whole mixture boil for a couple of minutes. In fact, you usually have to do decoctions instead of infusions because the parts of the plant you are about to use could be particularly hard or leathery, and boiling them would get the maximum of their potential , for example, to let free the healthy elements, instead of using the infusion method. Once the solution is ready, filter it and get rid of the boiled soaked herbs.As for infusions and herb teas, decoctions have different kinds of mixture you could use depending on the purpose of your healing process. Just remember that if you boil the herb for longer than expected you could have vitamins and volatile elements either get burned or get lost in the air, ... continua

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    • Decoctions

      Decoctions The parts of the plant that have to be used to prepare decoctions must be hard parts, like seeds, co
    • Ginger decoction

      Ginger decoction The first thing to do is to get half a ginger root letting it boil in hot water for at least five mi
    • Mallow decoction

      Mallow decoction Mallow decoctions are well known to be effective soothing and calming solutions for hygiene washing,
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      prosegui ... , so be careful and use the correct measures without wasting the healthy aspects of this procedure. Use only those herbs that are allowed to be boiled. In the past, decoctions were prepared leaving the plants marinate in cold water for a while, before boiling it for up to 20 minutes. Once the solution was cold, you filtered it and then drink it, following the right posology. Today, it depends on the herbs that you want to boil and the problem you have to solve, so just ask for help to your herbalist.Being a hard process, decoctions are not used as often as in the past. Thanks to their high level of healthy substances extracted by the boiling process, they are used in specific cases when you need to get the best results from the herbal plant you chose to cure your body. It is also less frequent to have decoctions of different plants, but if it were the case, ask your herbalist to be sure you are mixing together plants that have the same characteristics or compatible features to be boiled in a mixed solution.