Dry extract

The dry extract is used to prevent and to heal specific diseases or symptoms of diseases. Every kind of plant would allow the extraction of their specific dry extract. In this way, the various kinds that can be present in nature are proportional to the presence of the original plant. To be sure you are using the correct dry extract, always read the information on the label that must be attached, in order to assure the authenticity of the extract. Provenience of the plant, extracting procedure, and date of elaboration process, must be information given to you once you are about to use that substance.The dry extracts are not only found in a powdery form. Indeed, since many of us do not like the taste of powdery substances melted in water, our new technologies have found ways to create tablets and pills containing the extract, without being a problem for the person swallowing it. Usually the process involves evaporation, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , purification or vaporization, finalized to eliminate all the non-active components that would create a waste, added up to those toxins we are actually trying to get rid of by taking the dry extract to heal.Every plant or herbal remedy has the very same purpose: healing our system using natural remedies instead of chemical-based traditional medicine. Using what nature has to offer to get back to a balanced situation for our body and system, is what pushes us to look for herbs and plant extracts to find our healthy equilibrium back. The dry extract purpose is to get most of the nutrients and active principles without having to follow the procedures of boiling waters, mixing elements, but with a slightly higher cost. Your herbalist or phytotherapy specialist will help you understand how to use it and how to get the best from the usage of dry extracts, without having to waste healthy and useful elements of natural products.
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