Essential oils

Essential oils are preparations obtained starting from an aromatic vegetal component. Their use is disparate such as antibiotic allopathic and healthy functions, but even as an ambience deodorizing, in the aromatherapy, cosmetology and phytotherapy. To preserve the minimum essential oils quantity, plants essences are extracted by steam distillation which is a similar technique to the classical distillation. Steam distillation takes advantage of lower temperatures to avoid thermolabile essences dispersion. Essential oils can own the same properties of the plants they came from and the essences are extracted mainly from flowers, leaves, fruit bark and roots. In this section you will find data sheet dedicated to the most important and diffused essential oils; we will illustrate their different uses, characteristics and typologies; how to extract essences and how to prepare essential oils.Essential oils can be used for the most variegated and different scopes: added when bathing, ... continua

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    • Almond Oil

      Almond Oil Almond oil refers to sweet almond variety which is used more often than bitter almond. Bitter almond
    • Argan oil

      Argan oil Argan oil is obtained thanks to a meticulous selection and a very careful squeeze after cold pressin
    • Essential Oils

      Essential Oils In the past, but above all today, the most used technique was the steamy abstraction. When the first
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      prosegui ... , they purify the skin and relax body and mind. As we said before essential oils are used in aromatherapy, a holistic discipline which uses these fragrances to treat stress, tiredness and irritability. They are even used to flavour some food such as yogurt. In phytotherapy, essential oils can be swallowed to treat many diseases even if that kind of use must be prescribed by a doctor because if swallowed in wrong quantities they could be toxic or even mortal. Here you can read a little list of essential oils we are going to talk about in this section.

      Argan oil may be used in different ways. For example culinary argan oil is used for dipping bread and various claims say that it has many beneficial effects of health and a daily consumption of it helps preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. As a cosmetic element, argan oil is used as a treatment for skin diseases and for the skin and hair care. Hypericum oil is considered to be as a natural antidepressant remedy, it treats insomnia and skin burns. Jojoba oil is known since long time to be a native Indian remedy to treat every kind of skin diseases. Now a day we know jojoba oil for a great variety of uses from skin to hairs and nails treatments. Wheat germs oil is one of the most important Vitamin E natural source, so it is an antioxidant and it is a good solution to prevent or contrast arteriosclerosis because its properties diminish the cholesterol level in the blood.