There are multiple kinds of fences. They can be either made of enclosing plants and nets, or fences and gates. You can make flowers and plants surround the area or you can create walls and enclosures adding a gate or two. They can be made of iron, stones, wall-like and many other materials. Wooden fences are typical and easy to build. Big houses usually need high fences, and sometimes it is also a matter of cultural background, considering the typical English mansions surrounded by only small fences as decorations. Iron fences can be modeled as preferred and recall the shape of a specific symbol you like. Wooden fences are shapeable too, but it is less frequent to see hyper decorated wooden fences. It is better to fix wooden pieces following the shape of a cross or other specific manners, fixing the whole structure to something solid previously put underground like poles or concrete structures.If you opted for iron fences, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , you will surely have a resistant material to weather conditions with only one potential flaw: rust. Be careful and just keep your fences repaired and treated with anti-rust solutions, to prevent damages and color changing. Wooden fences are more frequently used because they are easier to set up. They can be used to separate outside from inside, but also different areas of the same garden. They create a characteristic environment that fits well with nature and the green perspective of a garden. When treated with specific solutions, wooden fences endure time and space. The difference between the two kinds of fences is that, wooden fences tend to be made not as high as the irony ones.Whether you opted for iron or wooden fences, there are some rules to be followed, just like what happens for cabin log. If you decide to let plants crawl on their surface or not, to build a wall or put a gate in between, enclosing fences have to respect limits and regulations dictated by the law. Too high fences must be accepted and approved before being set up. Also in the case of green fences, made of creepers and similar plants, they must stay in their area without overgrow.