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Flowers language was a very diffuse way of communication during the nineteenth century and still now a days each flower has its meaning and a corresponding occasion to be given. Anyway it should be careful with it because flowers language it is not universal, that means that flowers have different meaning in different parts of the world. Sometimes when we give flowers as a gift we want to transmit a specific meaning or a sentiment that could be love, jealousy, friendship, tenderness. If we do think about it, flowers are always present in our phraseology when we talk about beauty, bad times, when we want to describe persons. In this section we will show you how flowers talk, their different symbolic meaning all around the world, the history of flower language, the symbolic meaning of flowers and their colours.Flowers are not all the same. It is quite vulgar thinking that flowers are the same one to another and that giving this or that as a gift is irrelevant. Someone said that a rose itís a rose, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , but giving red roses entails deep meaning of passion, white roses mean purity while rose roses mean friendship. Do you know that there is a savoir faire even for flowers? Depending on the importance of the occasion, there is the right flower to give. Orchid, for example, means beauty and harmony and it should be chosen when giving flowers is particularly important. It is unnecessary to give a whole bunch of orchids: in very special occasion giving only one is enough. There are plants and flowers whose meaning is a little unhappy so they should be given knowing well what you want to say with them. Hydrangea, for example, is a very beautiful decorative plant but it represents coolness and distance while peony has two different meaning of happy marriage and rage.In history, religion and popular folklore flowers assume very strong symbolic meaning. Calla lily, for example, means modesty but in the past was linked to godly pureness and heavenly bliss. Due to its particular shape, it represents the resurrection trumped held by the archangel Gabriel. In Japan cherry flower, representing beauty but even transience, has a very deep meaning linked to the samurai life and death in the classical iconography.