There could be drinkable water fountains placed in locations with a specific purpose. They are not only a decoration for the garden but they have to be guaranteed by specific agencies to be used as points where people or animals can drink. Fountains made of stones usually have a main structure where the whole system is hidden, and a base, to collect the water that remains unused.Most of garden fountains have decorations. Some are built like statues where the water starts its cycle to go flow somewhere else like in a stream or down a grid. Others are just fountains coming out from a wall where a picture or sculpture has been done to create the atmosphere, and the decorations not to let the fountain pass unknown.Fountains can be done by sculptors or bought in those specific gardening stores. You can place the fountain yourself if it is one of those with an exterior pump because the water gets recycled every time following the same flow. If you need a more complicated one, ... continua

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      Fountains It is not only for its usefulness as water nozzle, or meeting point for public events, but also for
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      Garden fountains This kind of fountain is built with several methods in order to satisfy different needs. It has, in
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      Outdoor fountains First of all comes the resistance of the material they are made of, second comes the basically unnec
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      prosegui ... , ask for help to experts that could use an artesian well to let the water flow from a natural oasis.If you created a drinkable water fountain, remember to keep it clean so that everyone can drink from it. Usually, since water comes from the hydraulic system of the house, we should not be surprised if the fountain does not need much maintenance because the water is already filtered, in some way. On the other hand, if we created a fountain with different effects, in the middle of the garden, without the purpose of drinking the water, it is most probable that algae, molds and fungi will grow on the surfaces. Keep the surfaces clean and use the right solutions to let the water flow without stagnating.