Fresh Plant juices

Fresh plant juices have the advantage of being totally natural, without having to be added with preservatives or pigments. The juice gets extracted from the fresh plant, without having to dry it or marinate the plant, which guarantees the freshness of the product. The vegetable active principles pass from the plant to the juice, without intermediary processes, allowing the purity of the final product. The same properties of the plants will be found inside its juice. There are several plants that can be used to obtain their juices, and every plant has specific healthy properties to pass to its fluid substances.Fresh plant juices are usually presented in their liquid forms and preparations, but the transportation has become a very hard issue nowadays. Someone has created a process that reduces the water presence in the solution, leaving only the powdery substance that, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , once it has to be used, can be diluted again to get back to its watery form. The flaw of this kind of freeze-dried juices is that, usually, they need to be added in preservatives, without considering the waste of volatile elements once you open it to mix it back to water, once again. Just look for fresh plant juices coming from well described production areas, and distrust plant juices sold without any information, because it is most probable that you will just have water mixed with nothing healthy.If you are in the need of antioxidants, vitamins, draining elements, soothing qualities, minerals and many other characteristics, the fresh plant juices can be what you are looking for. Some can also stimulate your immune system in ways that do not interact with your regular body processes, as some other chemical elements would do. If you do have fresh plants in your house that can be used to create fresh plant juices, then do not hesitate to ask for help to your herbalist and you can produce a plant juice for yourself, knowing exactly what you are going to swallow, and being sure of its provenience.