Garden furniture

No matter how big your garden is, there is always a way to fit some garden furniture to give that “villa” look to your green space. Moreover, for those who really do not have enough room for outside table and chairs, the alternative is coming from companies creating garden furniture suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. They can fit in the terrace, but also in the garden, and willingly, inside your house as well. Garden furniture are usually made of plastic, wood or treated metals. Wood garden furniture are usually more expensive than the plastic ones because they are considered mere jewels for your house, more than useful tools or pieces for exterior purposes. You can have chairs and tables, umbrella with wooden structure and waterproof material, flower holders and many more. If you do have a patio, the wooden furniture would give that charming look that plastic would take away.
  • Vases and pots

    Vases and pots
    Different kinds of vases can be utilized in different places and for various purposes. If you have to place them on terraces they have to be those vases that can either stand on the ground or hang from the wall. If you opt for hanging vases and flower boxes remember that you will need a hanging stru... go to the section Vases and pots
  • Pools

    Underground pools are usually the most expensive and they are not easily removable. They are considered as part of the house system, having its own drainage and refueling processes. They need serious maintenance by expert, and they have to be built by specific technicians. To obviate to this burden ... go to the section Pools

  • Fountains

    There could be drinkable water fountains placed in locations with a specific purpose. They are not only a decoration for the garden but they have to be guaranteed by specific agencies to be used as points where people or animals can drink. Fountains made of stones usually have a main structure wher... go to the section Fountains
  • Barbecue

    The classic barbecue is the simple model with a grill laid on a base covered with coal. As time passed by, these instruments have evolved creating more complex models. Now we can count of models that do not even generate a lot of smoke so that they can be used anywhere, for example on terraces or ba... go to the section Barbecue

  • Gazebo

    Gazebos usually have a main structure that should be fixed on the ground, no matter the material, adding a cover to it to be protected by the sun and adverse weather conditions. It could be made of wood, iron, steel, plastic and more, you only have to make it fit to the style of your garden. Once yo... go to the section Gazebo
  • Fences

    There are multiple kinds of fences. They can be either made of enclosing plants and nets, or fences and gates. You can make flowers and plants surround the area or you can create walls and enclosures adding a gate or two. They can be made of iron, stones, wall-like and many other materials. Wooden f... go to the section Fences

  • Garden lighting

    Garden lighting
    There are different elements that you can choose for a traditional garden lighting. Some examples are outdoor lamps, lamp posts, spotlights, lanterns, and similar. Outdoor lamps must be fixed to a wall, and they are usually utilized to light those garden areas right next to the house perimeter. More... go to the section Garden lighting
  • Garden grids and windbreaker

    Garden grids and windbreaker
    Garden grids can be settled not only in the garden but also on terraces or balconies creating a green wall with growing plants throughout their holes. They can also be used to complete gazebos in order to close their open sides and create a closed and repaired environment in your garden. The windbr... go to the section Garden grids and windbreaker

  • Garden canopies and pergolas

    Garden canopies and pergolas
    Pergolas can be found of two different kinds: one way is considered a free pergola and the other is when it leans against a wall or another structure. It usually made of wood that has to be treated in order to resist for a long period of time. It looks like a gazebo, because you can place it anywher... go to the section Garden canopies and pergolas
  • Garden Log Cabin

    Garden Log Cabin
    Log cabins are usually made of two main materials: wood or plastic, or pvc. If you want wooden cabins, you are likely to get treated wood pieces to be assembled and set up to be waterproof and resistant. If you are opting for plastic cabins, they are going to be made with fireproof, easy to clean an... go to the section Garden Log Cabin

  • Garden Play Sets

    Garden Play Sets
    You would rather not put a pavement in the dedicated area because your children could get hurt more easily. It is better to leave grass or similar. In this way, children can be more in contact with nature and most of all, if they fall they will not get wounds. Be sure to keep your playground always ... go to the section Garden Play Sets
  • Furniture

    ... go to the section Furniture