Chimneys and fireplaces were used for the inside of the house, and braziers were placed with the charcoal fires and embers to heat up the rest. Nowadays this is not a necessity anymore and it is used to cook and to do charcoal food, most of the time, while enjoying some free time outside in the garden. A grid is placed above the embers, and food will cook by laying on the grid.

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Brazier characteristics The outdoor brazier is placed in gardens or terraces and it is a valid substitute for a barbecue, if not part of it. In fact, you will only need a place where fire can burn in order to produce embers that will be used to cook or to heat up placed in an alternative old fashioned but romantic way. Braziers are able to contain the embers and the bigger the braziers, the more embers you can have. You better tell the seller which kind of activities you will do with your braziers in order to get the most suitable for your needs.

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    UsageThe usage is as simple as you think it could be. You will only have to be careful while firing it up and burning the pieced of wood that will become your charcoal fires ambers. This tool can be bough anywhere they sell gardening tools, along with a barbecue, or on its own. The traditional model is usually of a square shape but nowadays braziers can be found of any shape and dimension. The cost does not depend on the usage you will make out of it but rather on the material and the dimensions.


    Braziers today can be easily bought on line because gardening and cooking websites have plenty of pictures and descriptions you can pick upon and just purchase it with a credit card. You will have your brazier shipped straight to your house without even having to worry that much. If you would rather see it in person and share hints with the seller, do not hesitate to ask for more information and for maintenance rules and similar.


    Just like every other cooking tool and barbecues, braziers should be kept clean and neat, and most importantly, it is always a good idea to remove ashes and ambers once they are cold and old. There are specific products for the cleaning of your braziers. Do not extemporize.