The enclosure can consist of a border that interests the whole garden area or just the house area, because , if the house is placed in the middle of a field, the enclosure will include both the places: garden and house. There are several different models of enclosures that could be alternated when placing the border to the house. There could be a fence made of iron or other metal for the house, and a wooden one for the garden. It is unusual but suggested by the expert, to differentiate the two enclosures. If you are willing to maintain the same continuity of structure, you only have to follow the model that has been presented when considering the fences and the rest of the whole structure for the perimeter.

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Enclosures can have different shapes and dimensions. Iron can be shaped in several different ways, it can also be personalized resulting in a particular element of your whole house. Typical enclosure structures are arrows and iron poles. Wooden enclosures are even more folkloric and typical, most of all when colored with those typical colors of white enclosures or green fences. Usually made in a cross shape or wooden laths shorter than the iron laths, the wooden enclosures can be followed by plants placed behind them to make them more fixed and stable. In both cases, iron or wood enclosures, they must be fixed to the ground alternating poles and fixed structures well inserted into the ground.

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    Enclosures: Maintenance

    Maintenance Depending on the material, enclosures need different maintenance procedures. Iron fences and enclosures fear only one enemy: rust. Anti rust solutions should be used even before rust actually appears in order to prevent before curing. Today there are specific colors for enclosures that already have anti rust inside and you do not need to treat the structure prior to their usage. If your enclosure is made of wood then you should follow the same procedure you would use for other outdoor elements of your garden such as waterproof solutions, anti mildew and wood resistance products. Remember to use each product only on the material it is supposed to be used on, otherwise you would ruin the whole structure.