Usually the fence respects the style of the enclosure, or at least, the style of the garden furniture or of the whole house. Nowadays the fence is something that must be present, and most of the times, in its automatic and electric version. You do not have to get off the car, or move the whole structure manually, you only have to push the button of a remote and let the engine of the fence open and close the big structure.

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Fences characteristics

Nowadays fences create a huge impact from the point of view of the style of the whole house. The various dimensions someone can pick from, for their own fence, make them become a matter of choosing what fits the whole house for the best. The materials can be different but the most used one is metal like iron, steel and other alloys. Decorations are usually made to personalize or to make the structure fit to the style of the rest of the enclosure. The fence for the main small entrance is usually smaller than the one used for the garage entrance. There are sliding fences or swing fences, usually to adapt to the room granted for the opening.

  • Fences There are multiple kinds of fences. They can be either made of enclosing plants and nets, or fences and gates. You can make flowers and plants surround the area or you can create walls and enclosures ...


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Fences installation

Fences installationInstalling a fence is an easy practice if everything is already settled and ready to be connected to the electric system. There should be two main structures that must be fixed and stable, in order to bear the fence and its links. These are usually two columns, two pieces of small wall or heavy poles sustaining the fence. On one side there should be the photocell or a sensor that will re-open the gate in the case someone or something passes in front of it, so nobody and nothing gets stuck. If you opted for a manual one, you will have a chain or a main lock where you will use a key. If you install the small one with a connection with your doorphone, you should pay attention to the electric connections and similar. Ask for help to the experts to know how and what to do.

Fences maintenance

Gates and fences need that specific maintenance of every iron or metal element. Anti rust is a must and it should be used every once in a while before your fence gets damaged by weather and other potential tools, like the regular use, sliding or swinging on stable structures. If you have electric based structures, you should be aware of the protection of the electronic boxes usually placed outside in the garden, next to the fence itself, and they should be kept away from animals or children. No free wires should be kept outside and just ask for help in the case of malfunction if you are not sure of what is going on.