Iron enclosure

Iron enclosure

Iron enclosure is one of the most common fence-like borders to mark the perimeter of your house because it has some specific characteristics which makes it properly adaptable for its function. Iron is a crushproof metal, high-temperature resistant, and during the kneading process it is capable to be forged, shaped, hot-worked maintaining its shape throughout the time. It is possible to find several different kinds of enclosure and nowadays models are thousands.

The 2019-2024 World Outlook for Swing Commercial and Institutional Iron and Steel Doors Excluding Shower Doors, Tub Enclosures, and Storm Doors

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Iron enclosure characteristicsExcept for the fact that iron enclosure can be of different dimensions and shapes, most of the time, adaptable to the needs of the user, these are usually sold in connection with fences and gates since it is obvious that an enclosure will need a lock. Gates and enclosures are usually designed with the same features and both are treated with specific solutions to make them resistant to rust and weather conditions that, with the passing of the time, could damage the metal. Varnish is generally used to either preserve and put some color on the fence, even though, most of the time, the iron is kept originally shaded adding only a little bit of anti-rust transparency.

    An Iron Age Enclosure & Romano-British Features at High Post, Near Salisbury by Andrew B. Powell (2011-12-31)

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    Rust preventer

    Rust preventerIron enclosure have to be treated with rust preventer. Today, the varnish used to paint the enclosure or fences are generally already improved with anti-rust mixture, and they do not need that much maintenance as the old iron gates. Although, it is always a good idea to preserve your objects by taking a little care, cleaning them and keeping them away from potential damages. Rust can be prevented but also taken away. You will only have to use specific tools to remove it and then putting some anti-rust varnish on the top.


    No matter the type of iron enclosure you picked, its function will always be the same, which is, creating a border to your house having an entrance which can be locked. Enclosures always have to be fixed to a solid structure, usually columns or walls, and the fixing has to be done by some experts in the field. Once the enclosure is tested in order to guarantee solidity and safety, the installation is accomplished. When damages occur, usually the iron enclosure needs the help of a blacksmith. This happens, most of all when the enclosure is made in wrought-iron, with specific designs and techniques. When made by an artisan it can be very expensive, so always ask for an estimate of the costs and do not hesitate to compare it with some other blacksmith’s offers.