Iron Gates


Wrought-iron gates are chosen by people who know the potentiality of this material for its several usage fields. The iron is left with its original color, or in the case you wanted it in a different color, it can be varnished with specific products for iron material. Iron gates are the most appreciated alternative to choices given to the users when placed in front of other material gates. Depending on the type of gate, you can have different costs and purposes.

Iron Gates

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Types of Iron Gates

big iron gates Usually iron gates can be found in two ways: swing doors gates and sliding structure. In the first case one will stop on the end of the other, and in the second case you will have to have enough space to let the gate slide on a rail and then back to the closing position. In both cases the latch can be either electrical or manual, depending on your personal taste. Nowadays it is more and more often found the electric version. Depending on the decorations, you can also have closed or open structure gates. The first ones are heavier and the wrought-iron design is part of a metal leaf worked in a gate shape. The open structure gates are lighter and they are worked as a work of art, giving shapes to beams or poles in specific drawings or themes.

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    Iron GatesIf you buy your gate in specific store, they usually take it to you with an installation kit and installation people who are specialized for this purpose. If you are willing to have it installed with an electrical system you will have to provide the specialists with information concerning your whole house electrical system. When you leave it manual, then you will only have to install it correctly on strong and solid structures like small walls.


    MaintenanceAnti rust solutions are the main products you should use to keep your iron gate safe from rust and other material damages. Water proof solutions as well will prevent rust to appear ruining the aspect of your small piece of art. Some people like to give their gates a sort of antique look using specific products or simply leaving the metal to get modified by the weather in order to get the old and used look.