Fountains description

It is not only for its usefulness as water nozzle, or meeting point for public events, but also for decorative and artistic purposes. Fountains are considered real monuments, like churches and obelisks and similar. The art of gardening then, with the advent of royal gardens and villas, has borrowed the practice of adding water spot to gardens and parks. The natural element of water allows the garden specialists to create water effects and relaxing areas that could be present in your garden as well, following some simple rules.

The Fountain Overflows

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Fountains types

There are several different kinds of fountains you can arrange in your garden. Some can be premade small monument like sculptures that you only have to set and fix with your hydraulic system, others need to be built and settled in order to let water flow, usually in loop, recycling the same water over and over. Other fountains can be simple faucets surrounded by material like cement, stones or other sculptures. It also has to be taken in consideration if you are willing to have drinkable water or just water without any insurance of potable potential. In order to be sure you are following the right directions in the creation of you fountain, ask for help to specialists and/ or plumbers.

  • Fountains There could be drinkable water fountains placed in locations with a specific purpose. They are not only a decoration for the garden but they have to be guaranteed by specific agencies to be used as po...
  • Garden fountains This kind of fountain is built with several methods in order to satisfy different needs. It has, in fact, to cover up all the requests such as allowing water games and effects, decorations and similar...
  • Outdoor fountains First of all comes the resistance of the material they are made of, second comes the basically unnecessary maintenance. The most common material is the stone for obvious reasons. It was one of the fir...

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Fountains decoration

Fountains decorationFountains are usually set to be decorated and to be decorations. Some fountain lovers use statues where usually the flow of the water begins, to end in a sink on the bottom of the decorative elements. Usually stones and stony elements are more resistant but still they need to be treated and cleaned. Depending on the shape you want your fountains to have and the purposes you want them to develop, every kind of fountain needs specific attention or methods of creation, so ask for help to the expert in order to get the best for your necessities.

Fountains maintenance

Fountains need to be periodically cleaned. In fact rain water can cause algae and microorganisms to proliferate getting attached to the surface of the sink or the whole fountain structure. Sometimes people tend to leave the fountain empty during the winter, covering it up to prevent water to fill it getting stagnating. Since some of the new fountain structures can also have a lighting system, be careful during the practice of cleaning or maintenance of your fountain. Stony fountains are easier to handle because plastic ones need much more attention and care because of the potentiality to get broken or rotten. For any other kind of information, do not hesitate to ask the fountain experts.