Garden fountains

Aesthetic fountain

This kind of fountain is built with several methods in order to satisfy different needs. It has, in fact, to cover up all the requests such as allowing water games and effects, decorations and similar, it also has to have a functional potential like using drinkable water. The English garden tradition, that actually comes from the Italian tradition, has as a priority, the creation of a green area right next to the house where you can spend some relaxing time. Aesthetic fountains come out right when you need to add that classy touch to your relaxing green area. To some people a garden fountain is necessary, to other it is only an optional tool in the case you need to fill up an empty spot of your garden.
Garden fountains

Garden of Fountains

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Design fountains

Design fountainsDesigning fountains has become a must for designers of outer spaces which have to be considered up to date for their job possibilities. Fountain models are in constant evolutions mostly because, even if long time ago fountains were considered as mere works of art, today the design field intervenes proposing models which represent any kind of shapes or figures. They could be done in plastic, resins, stones or marble and several other materials: what matters is the fact that it has to fit the style of the garden without clashing.

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    Pump fountain

    Pump fountainIf you want to opt for a more traditional and antique looking piece, you can choose a pump fountain which allows the circulation of water by a system using pumps. Usually these fountains are very characteristic and they fit well in corners where design moves to the second place as priority of your water spot.

    Garden fountains: How to choose

    Choosing the right fountains depends on your personal taste and the way you can make it fit to your garden style. Usually fountains reuse the water putting it back in circle, which allows you to not waste water, having a good effect, as much as if you had a fountain which is fed by a natural well, with running water. Gardening stores offer several kinds of fountains which can fit any kind of your needs. Depending on the material you will also have different costs where you can choose among. Always depending on the material, you will have to use the right material to maintain your fountain without letting mold and dirt ruin your garden piece.