Outdoor fountains

Outdoor fountains

First of all comes the resistance of the material they are made of, second comes the basically unnecessary maintenance. The most common material is the stone for obvious reasons. It was one of the first material used also in ancient times to sculpture fountains and monuments .In the outdoor fountains category we can also include those used to decorate the garden but also those which are actually needed to be water points for the outdoor area of your house or for drinkable purposes. In this case you can also find cast iron structures and they are simpler in shape.
Outdoor fountains

Outdoor Fountain

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TypesFountains for drinkable water are different in shape and dimensions from those used as decorations or monumental pieces for your garden. No matter the purpose though, each and every fountain has to be fixed on the ground. Usually, the drinkable water fountain has a typical shape resembling a sink while the ornamental one can vary so much you could use your imagination and still it would not be enough. To make fountains functional, you can link them to the water system of your house, or to a water pump. In the first case, as a general rule, you will have a way in and a way out for dirty water; in the second case you can make the water go in circle recycling always the same water, creating water effects or similar.

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    Many people opt for waterfalls like fountains to have the aesthetic look prevailing on the technical usage of this piece. Others search for a Zen like fountain, which also have small streams flowing through rocks implants and installations. Some can be bought already in the shape you prefer, usually reproducing a rock stone wall or a figure as sculpted in marble. Fountains are also essential pieces, which means, people create a small watery corner where a bamboo sticks plays the role of a tube and water flows through a sink dug in the ground, as simple as that.


    Whether you like it decorated or essential, the only attention you should pay is related to eventual weed and musk which can grow where water stagnate a little. Keep your fountain clean, remove water every now and then if you opted for a recycling water one, and most of, if you are adding light effects, be sure not to damage the lighting system by using the correct elements.