Usually awnings are used on terraces and balconies, but is getting less unusual to have awnings also placed in the garden, used them as coverage and repair from the sun. The material to create awning is specific and particular in order to make it usable all year long, without having to change it every time the weather and the seasons change. It is usually fixed on a stable base guaranteeing a total repair and protection to whoever wants to find rest and shades. Sometimes, when used for pergola and canopy, they can be found of several different colors and tissues, matching your garden or your house style.

Garden Genie Awning Cleaner, liquido trasparente, 10 x 6 x 25 cm

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Awning should be made of a material which is thick, in order to filter harmful sun rays, but it does not have to be heavy or similar. In fact, what makes the thickness of the material is the waterproof treatment. Rain and storm are not a problem for awnings, and in this way, they can be both used to be a repair from extremely sunny days and to be a repair from rain drops and adverse weather conditions. Stains do not easily remain and their durability depends on the usage you make of it. If with the passing of the time, the awning color starts to fade, then it is a sign of alarm, telling you to change it.

    1000 Shutters and Awnings

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    Awning Awning had a manual maneuvering system until the past few years, which means that, to open and close it, you had to have a pole in order to move it. Nowadays, most of the awnings have automatic systems, using a small engine working electronically, turned off and on by a remote or a switch. Advantages and disadvantages exist in both cases, but most of the time, the mechanical system allows a faster and better movement of the awning.

    Awning: Location

    Considering that the first step to take while setting your awning is to fix it to a solid base on the ground, your awning can be placed anywhere you can find a resistant structure, using a simple wide and big rope to cover the place where you want to create a privacy spot, a corner repaired from the sun exposure, or for any other reason concerning the usage of a shade or awning. Moreover, it gives a touch of innovation and modernity, most of all if you take advantage of colorful and multi-material tents as presented now by several gardening stores.