As garden furniture, a sauna or sauna box is something that is not so rare to have in your house, anymore. In the past it was necessary to go to a spa if you wanted to enjoy a sauna bath, but today, you can install it in your house, even more in your garden. You can buy it in stores specialized with bath furniture, but now they are not so hard to find in those places selling garden or outdoor furniture. Before using it, always be aware of how it works and what can cause to your body, so use any precaution of the case if your health status needs to be kept under control. For example, making you lose liquids from the body, after a sauna you should reintegrate them. You should also know all the mechanisms of the sauna system in order to be able to recognize problems or malfunctioning.

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Sauna Structure

The structure of a sauna box is usually made of wood; you can have access to it through a door and inside the sauna, you can find a bench, some stones, a wooden bowl with water and a wooden ladle. Usually the sauna operates by either creating the warmth necessary to sweat, or warming up the place and then spraying water on the hot stones creating steam. A thermometer will tell you the temperature inside the sauna box. Please know also that you and your body need time to get used to the process of the sauna, so if using it at the first time may be a little difficult, just follow your pace without forcing your body.

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    Sauna installation

    Sauna installation Sauna boxes must be installed by experts and they should provide the first test as well. Before using it, ask your doctor if you can actually do saunas, and most of all, be sure you have enough room in your garden to place it. The cost of your sauna can vary depending on the accessories you want it to have. The experts installing it should provide also all those information concerning the maintenance, the usage and the functioning, sometimes also about the customer care.

    Sauna maintenance

    Sauna boxes should have a good resistance to weather conditions and normal wear. In fact, the wood they are made of, is always treated and made, in order to resist. What you should take care of, it the hygiene inside the location. Indeed, considering you enter the sauna almost naked, with bare feet, you must assure your sauna is always clean and crystal clear. Bacteria and molds can affect the wood; mostly those corners where steam and water stagnate; to avoid this, use antibacterial and disinfectant solutions whenever you clean your sauna box.