There are two kinds of arbors: one is the attached arbor, the other is the independent one. The first should lay to a wall or another structure that will sustain the arbor. It could be the house wall or columns made on purpose for the arbor structure. The independent can be placed anywhere in your garden. Usually an arbor has a rectangular shape and it fits all the needs of your style and place. The independent arbor can be associated to a gazebo concerning its purposes. It depends on the user’s taste whether to choose and independent or a fixed attachable arbor.

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Arbor structure

Being a repaired cover, an arbor can create a space where you can relax or have a meal during the long summer days. Depending on the material, a different maintenance is requested because each material should be treated with specific solutions. Usually you can mount the wooden arbor on your own because it is sold in a kit, easy to assemble. Still, it must be fixed on the ground, no matter the type. The space underneath the arbor is usually covered by a pavement, mostly if you want to place a table with chairs, but this is not a must. If you are mounting an attached arbor, you should place it in a spot of your house which is close to the kitchen, so that you can set it as a place where you can dine, covered from the sunlight.

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    Arbor characteristics

    Arbor characteristicsAn arbor can be done on your own because it is an easy procedure, and the only fundamental method is to measure dimensions and materials, fixing it to the ground. Usually the cover is substituted by a simple tent instead of a rigid cover; this allows you to remove it when damaged or when you want to have more sunlight on that space, especially during the winter season. All the operations must be done following security measures, so ask for help if you doubt your ability.

    Arbor maintenance

    Arbor maintenanceYour arbor will not request a lot of attention because it is easily treated with solutions and not as easily attacked by weather conditions because its components are pretty much all covered and repaired. If you are going to buy it, you will surely find all the information you need about its maintenance, and you can also ask for help for the montage kit and procedures.