Wooden canopy

Fixed and free canopy

A canopy can either be a fixed one or a free canopy. The fixed one is a canopy which needs a fixed structure where you can lean against the whole structure in order to fix it and make it solid. This allows you to have a sort of projection of a rooftop, even if at a different level, creating a sheltered zone with at least one side, sometimes two, made of house walls. The free canopy does not need to be attached to a wall or another structure linked to the house, but it creates the very same condition of the first one: a shelter for you, your family and friends, your car and the time you spend together outside.
Wooden canopy

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Canopy cover

Canopy cover A wooden canopy can be covered with different materials, depending on the user’s personal taste. Mosto f the times, tiles are used to cover the structure so that you have the impression of having a second small roof recalling the style of the main one. You can also use some tents or specific material covers in order to have some removable parts that you can substitute with the passing of the time, changing it when it breaks or gets rotten. Sometimes pre-made plastic structures shaped like tiles or roof coverage, are also used to cover the wooden structure of a canopy.

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    As for any other wooden piece of your garden furniture, a wooden canopy as well needs a treatment to preserve it from getting damaged by humidity or usage. Specific wood treatment solutions have to be used every now and then to repair the wood from weather effects, before they attack it getting rotten. Some waterproof oils are generally already sprayed on the structure before you install it, but it has to be renovated every time you see wood getting too dry or too full with water. When water slides away without getting absorbed it means you did the right thing with your waterproof solution.

    Wooden canopy: Installation

    A wooden canopy would need a pavement or a solid base underneath but this is not vital. This is only a plus you could add to the sheltered area because you will have a place where you could fit tables and other tools without risking to sink in the mold once it rains or it snows. If you add some flower boxes with grids or tents to the sides which remain open, you can have a more sheltered area that can be used as an alternative room of your house.