When windbreaks are used in the garden or terrace, they can also create a more private space for you and your family; if your garden is very big they can also be used as enclosures. Windbreaks can be created using trees, plants or other structures that will be placed in specific areas in order to get result they are supposed to create.


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Windbreak Windbreaks are usually placed where they can prevent the wind from ruining other more fragile plants or to cover a specific area making it more private and comfortable. Natural windbreaks like trees and plants are now easily substituted by plastic or wooden structures that can be simply installed anywhere. When windbreaks need to be a protection for crops, they can be made of grids and nets as well. Their usage is divided in gardening usage and agriculture usage, depending on the function they have to provide. Be sure you are choosing the best one.

  • Garden grids and windbreaker Garden grids can be settled not only in the garden but also on terraces or balconies creating a green wall with growing plants throughout their holes. They can also be used to complete gazebos in orde...

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WindbreaksWindbreaks can be done without having to go to a store and buy them. In fact, if you are good at working with wood or other materials, you can just buy those simple pieces you will need and just install your windbreak doing it on your own. It is merely a matter of cost and the time your will invest in the practice of creating the structure, but the final result, if well done, will donate much more satisfaction. Just be sure you are fixing it correctly to strong and resistant structures, so that it will not get destroyed and it will last for a long time.


Depending on the windbreak you chose, you will have several different ways to take care of your structure. If you have wooden structures, just use some solutions which will be created properly for wooden pieces, making them waterproof and weather resistant. Plastic installations will have to be cleaned and sprayed with anti-mold solutions if you are willing to make them last without having to replace them very often. Grids and nets need a specific attention if you do not want them to get broken. Just keep them away from potential damages and substitute them when they appear torn or similar. Fix your structure all the time in order to keep it safe without having to worry about potential falls for people to get hurt.