Wooden arbor

Wooden arbor

The traditional way to use it is by adding a cover so that people can seat underneath and just have lunch enjoying their outer space. It is a good alternative also for people without a garage because this protected area could substitute a zone where the car can be parked and safe. It is a valid structure similar to gazebos, but generally without side structure because it gets fixed to walls and columns. As an option, you can add tents on the said to make it a closed and private area.
Wooden arbor

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Wooden arborUsually arbors are made in wood and characteristically shaped thanks to this material. It is, after all, a natural material, that has to be necessarily treated with specific substances in order to resist to weather conditions. Usually some natural oils are used trying to avoid to cover up the natural shades of the kind of wood which is used. There are two versions of arbors: one is fixed to a wall or structure, like columns, and the other is free. The second one looks like a prolonged side of the house. To give the arbor an antiques look, usually the cover is made of tiles, but it is not so unusual, nowadays, to see tents and rope covers used as venetian style roof. Whoever wants to opt for a closing arbor should have the possibility to make it an open space with roof during the summer days.

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    Wooden arbors are generally fixed to a wall, even though you can choose free structures. No matter the type, you will always have to fix it to a structure to make it solid, and most of the times, it is preferable to lay a pavement or an outer area floor where you can place your table for summer time meals or where you can park your car. Even small places are ideal for small corners of protected space, depending on your needs. Shapes and measures are up to you, just be sure you are getting them right in order to have the right pieces of wood and structure.


    Wooden arbors, as the name says, are made of wood which is a material that needs a little bit of maintenance to keep it safe and to make it last for a long time. In this way, the arbor will last and cover your outer space letting you enjoy your are for as much as you want. There are specific products that you will have to use, applying them at specific time of the year, usually before winter comes to protect it from the weather, or before the summer to give it back hydration and essence. Since the structure could be fixed to a wall, be sure that the main wall is strong enough to hold it and use the right screws and tools which will be checked every once in a while to guarantee resistance and functionality.