Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps allow you to enjoy your garden during the night hours so that you can spend some of your time outside, even when daylight is gone. An external lighting system will need the presence of different garden lights: lamps, poles, ceiling lights, lampposts, and similar. These lights are generally used for communal areas on in the streets of the town to light up the road. Why would it be crazy to put those in your garden? It would not. Just use your personal taste to place outdoor lamps in your garden, lighting it up for suggestive time in your personal area.
Outdoor lamps

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Iron and plastic lamps

Iron and plastic lamps Outdoor lamps are offered in several different shapes, materials and purposes. The lamppost is obviously the one which is more than often created in iron and it is very decorative. The pole supporting the whole structure can be simple or decorated as well. This kind of light is a plus for your garden and it actually makes it complete. Plastic would be not the ideal material for this kind of light spot. Although, smaller lamps can be made with hard plastic, premade by using the typical iron shape imprinted on master models shapes. They are cheaper but they might lack of style.

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    Garden lamps

    Typical garden lamps are put under the category of garden lights, because this is actually what they are. The market usually sells plastic lamps because they are resistant and they can last for a long time. When we refer to garden lamps we can think about those electricity fed but also to those which are suggestively fed by candle light or bio grain alcohol and, most of all, solar lamps. Most of the times, these lamps are made in a lantern shape to create the suggestive look, creating atmosphere and giving a hint of style to the garden.

    Solar energy

    Many of the lamps that are nowadays sold in the gardening stores are fed my solar energy. The lamp shape is the same as the electrical one, but being the solar one free from connections, they can be placed anywhere anytime, movable or fixed, without worrying about the electrical system connection. If you will use only one huge electrical panel, then you will have to be sure you will guarantee the right amount of energy to all the pieces you will attach to it. Usually, ceiling light are the best pieces to be placed with solar panels because they have to be fixed on a wall and they can save energy for the night hours.


    Outdoor lamps TypesCeiling lights can be made in plastic or iron, sometimes even glass and similar materials, for those lights that will have to be fixed on the wall for that light which is needed in specific points and spot of the house such us above a door or window or next to a gate. Spotlights are decorative but also useful light points for those areas which need to have a constant lighting such as the pathway to the house door or to the garage. These are usually placed on the floor or on a flat wall. Lamps can be placed also next to water fountains creating a very charming effect.