Garden Cabin

The two main materials for garden small houses are pvc and wood. Pvc is a kind of fire resistant plastic, easy to clean and it can last throughout the time. Wood is usually treated with waterproof solutions if it has to be utilized to create cabins. In both cases, whether you choose a plastic or a wooden cabin, what you have to consider is what dimension you want it to have.
Garden Cabin

Garden Cabin [Explicit]

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Garden cabins can have several different dimensions and shapes. In fact, you can use it for many purposes and, depending on if you want to use it as a storage place or an inhabitable one, you can pick many different ways to give it the ideal shape for your needs. You can build a small house with shelves and other typical elements used in storage closets. You can store gardening tools, but also those things that cannot fit in your garage, so the space inside should be well planned and structured in order to let you place the things here and there, without any hindrance.

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    Materials When you choose a wooden cabin, you know for sure that it will fit your garden, no matter the style you choose for your green spot. It can integrate well with typical gardens, but also if you have iron based furniture or fountains and similar. If you need to use it as a woodshed, it can have small dimensions while if you need a bigger space, then it should have a small window, lockable doors, and you can use it for many purposes. Using it as a dependence when you have guests or so, you should provide it with the necessary equipment, and people should walk and stand without any problem. Plastic cabins are not so often used as inhabitable cabins, but depending on their structure, you can settle it for the best. What matters is that, fixing the cabin to the ground, you should ask for permits and authorizations to your town hall representatives.

    Garden Cabin: Maintenance

    If you opted for a good spot of your garden you should not have any problem maintaining your cabin. Pvc made cabins are resistant, and you should preserve it only by keeping them safe from falls of tree branches or similar events. They are usually pre-treated with solutions to make them last longer, and to resist to any weather condition, both in the case of wooden cabin and plastic ones. Usually, wooden cabins need a little more attention because you should repeat the treatment every once in a while, when you see the wood getting vulnerable to watery corners and humidity.