Garden Log Cabin


Most of the times, Garden Log Cabins are utilized to be used as storing places for gardening tools or surplus material that cannot fit in your garage. Sometimes though, if you get really big log cabin, with pavement and electric or hydraulic system potentiality, you could also create an annex building or additional room to your main house. Being made of wood the atmosphere will be fantastic for dinners with friends, but also for small rooms where you can cultivate your hobbies.
Garden Log Cabin

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Garden Cabin A garden log cabin is made of wooden walls, rooftops and pavement. There are several different shapes and dimensions, but unless you opted for a very basic one to store your tools, without windows and decorations, most of the time these elements have a small window, or two, a decorated door and, to add some more motif elements, it usually has a porch right before the main entrance. The dimensions can vary from very small ones, to big cabins, apt to host a real room as additional piece of your house. The roof is usually made in wood but covered with either tiles or tar paper to make it waterproof and weather resistant.

  • Garden Log Cabin Log cabins are usually made of two main materials: wood or plastic, or pvc. If you want wooden cabins, you are likely to get treated wood pieces to be assembled and set up to be waterproof and resista...

Log Cabin

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Usually premade log cabin have montage kits and instructions that you can follow in order to see it take shape before reaching the final results. If it has not to be fixed on the ground, you should not need any authorization from your town hall regulations, because it does not create cubic capacity. On the other hand, if you are willing to get a more solid structure, and most of all if you are going to use it as an additional room, you will need an authorization. Anything permanent in your garden needs a request and following authorization from your town hall regulations.

Garden Log Cabin: Maintenance

Of course you can put anything you want inside your garden log cabin. What has to be taken in consideration is its maintenance, most of all if it is going to be a inhabitable piece or at least, it allows you to go inside and move around without any danger. Of course it will need wood treatment to make it stay waterproof for a long time, and it has to be sheltered for potential damages caused by things like trees or similar.

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