Its structure is essentially simple, having a seat where the child can sit and stay for a while. Not all the swings are the same because there are different shapes, dimensions and purposes. You also have to decide its material, it can indeed be made of wood or plastic or resin, and in order to choose the best for your needs, it is always a good idea to ask for help to the store personnel.

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Wooden swing

Wooden swing Swings can be made of wood. The structure and also the seat can be made out of wood without having to mix multiple materials, even if it not so rare to have plastic seats with it. Since it has to stay in the garden for a long time, it is often treated with products that would protect it for a long time from the weather. Most of the times, being a heavy structure, it is fixed to the ground so that it becomes a safer piece of a playground. Wooden swings are prettier for adults taste because it can also fit to the style of any garden, but you also have to consider maintenance and manageability of the structure, in addition to the age of the children that will use it.

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    Plastic swing

    Plastic swingWings made in plastic are resistant and cold, rain or bad weather is not such a problem for this kind of structure. Beyond the well known characteristics, it is also easily cleanable and you can remove it from the playground, storing it in a dry and cool place, in order to take it out in the future hot season, without having to let it stay out in the winter. It is often colorful and decorated, while the wooden swings has a more serious look, but both respects the safety regulations about solvents and potentially toxic products. Being a very light material, some swings now have installed a way to fix it to the ground avoiding to worry about potential harmful falls.


    Swings can be bought anywhere they sell children toys and similar, or even in gardening stores. The dimension can vary, because there are swings apt to be used by very young children and other which can be adaptable to any age. Moreover, the available space dimension interferes with the choice you will have to make because you will need some to make it safely usable.


    Swings need not much maintenance as long as you keep it constantly clean and protected with waterproof solutions and similar products. Always be sure you keep the area safe and clean, most of all if you place it on sand or soil where children slide and could be easily hurt. Check your swing every time before using it.