The typical carousel is the one where wooden horses with a pole on their back, are fixed on a huge wheel, going in circle, with the typical sound of a musical box. Unless you own a real park, it is not so easy to place a carousel in your garden. Several alternatives are available though, either representing a small version of a carousel, or representing other shapes and other toys.

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The most common garden carousel is made of a spinning structure that can move thanks to the force created by the children holding on the handrail. This allows the child to have fun even when alone, or it simply helps the children socialize while playing with other children. Differently from slides and teeter totters, carousels need a little more space. Moreover, there are so many different kinds of toys that they are considered carousels as well. The positive side of having a carousel is that your children can enjoy being outside having fun as if they were playing in the park.

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    LocationWhen placing your carousel, do not fix it in a place which can be exposed to the sun for most of the play time; on the contrary the ideal place is a dry, shadowy place that takes advantage of the heat without being under the direct light from the sun. Even though they are created to be safe and purposely designed for kids, it is always a good idea to place it where you can have a look at your children’s games without leaving them unattended. Rocking horses and similar are considered carousels that should be placed in areas where they cannot get stuck hurting the children. Small children have their playground as well. It is created by placing a sort of soft plastic rug on a flat surface, that could be your garden or lawn, and a plastic structure made like a teeter totterwhich stands over the child who is laying on the rug, while enjoying time being outdoors.

    Carousel: Maintenance

    Depending also on the original cost, carousels need that much maintenance to preserve it from getting damaged or broken and to make it last for the whole childhood of your children. Usually more expensive toys are made of materials that are more durable, but you should ask for help to the seller while choosing it because so many factors can interact with your choice. If you have a wide area that you can dedicate to your children playground, you can opt for fixable and strong toys made with safe material that do not need much care, as long as you cover it when they remain unused for a while. Plastic carousels that can be moved or assembled each time you need it, should be stored in cool and dry places and you should keep them clean in order to create a safe location for your children games.