Kick scooter


The well known kick scooter is made of a small platform where you place your feet and it has two wheels and it moves thanks to the pushing movement of the driver. You have a handlebar which direct the mean and also a break just like in a bicycle. It is not a modern invention since it was already present in the nineteenth century, but nowadays they are adding some improvements such as the engine. It has passed to be a tool for children’s games to mean of transportation in the chaotic twentieth century cities. The one which is now used as a playing tool is called micro scooter.
Kick scooter

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Kick scooterExcept for the playful activity a small child can do with a kick scooter, today it is used to perform acrobatic scenes in the majority of the cases. It begins when you are still a child and it grows with the young boy who learns to use it at its best using it for acrobatic games and sceneries. It is simple, easy and not even much expensive if people selling it do not take advantage of the fact that the market is requesting more and more of these tools for several different purpose. It is a good alternative to cycling and, most of all today, when engine has been added to its platform, it is a valid substitute for public transportation or to even real scooter and small bikes.

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    Kick scooter: Electric kick scooter

    The electrical engine of a kick scooter is not as powerful as that of a car, of course. Nevertheless, this kind of kick scooter is obviously not apt to be used by children. This might only be an alternative to transportation for grown up people who know how to handle an engine operated tool, responsible enough to not cause problems to the traffic and to themselves in particular. The electrical one can also have a small saddle or seat and it can have a small case as an optional storage place. When used to go around the city or town you will have to respect the road code and the law, because it is considered a mere mean of transportation like any other tool. Children must not drive an electrical kick scooter.