Almost all the gazebos have the same shape, they can be made with different materials, but the shape stays the same. Of course, today’s design world is giving gazebo the chance to adapt to any space, providing them with the potential to change shape or to adapt to several different cubic, round or similar shape places. While planning your garden, if you are willing to place a gazebo somewhere, be sure you are identifying the ideal place where to settle your relaxing area.


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Gazebo structure

A gazebo, no matter the material, must be fixed on the ground or to a stable structure, in order to block it from the wind and from potential movements. Usually gazebos have also a cover to repair from the sun all the people who will lie underneath. Same said to repair people and structure from adverse weather conditions. The structure can be made of wood or iron, aluminum or even plastic and resins. Every structure can easily match with the style of the rest of the garden such as vases, bowers, arbors or similar. The traditional wooden gazebo fits well with any style, but the new plastic gazebos are made to be movable, easy to open and close, and to adapt to any necessity of people who would like to enjoy a relaxing area without having to spend a lot buying a fixed structure.

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Garden Deluxe Oasis Gazebo Impermeabile, Bianco, 300x200x180 cm

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Gazebo location

Gazebo location Usually the area dedicated to a gazebo is covered by a pavement made of cement or floor tiles. This allows the gazebo to be fixed on the ground and to stay stable in its area. Being covered by a cover, it is not recommended to place a gazebo under trees and shadowy locations, in order to prevent humidity to stagnate. Covers can be made of material, plastic or wood. Whether you choose one or the other, be sure you ask the experts at the store, the right methods to preserve them to get damaged so that they can last for a long time.

Gazebo maintenance

A wooden gazebo is more vulnerable than a plastic one to weather conditions. A treatment for wooden structurest is indeed necessary, guaranteeing protection from rain and humidity. This will make it durable and resistant. Ironmade gazebos will need treatments with rust preventers. Gazebos structure made of plastic does not need a lot of maintenance as long as you keep it repaired and secure and you let it dry before storing it for the winter season. Keep them anyway in a dry and cool place.

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