Wooden gazebo

Wooden gazebo

Sometimes it is always placed in a corner where you can leave your car in order to be sheltered from the sun or adverse weather conditions. Gazebos can be fixed structures or even removable ones, and the market offers any kind of gazebos in different shapes and materials. It is always a good idea to think about the possibility of placing a gazebo while designing your outer space and garden, in order to make it fit without any problem, before installing the final structure.
Wooden gazebo

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Gazebo structure

Gazebo structureA wooden gazebo is usually very strong and most of the time it is considered to be a solid and fixed structure, where you can add some more optional elements such as tents or tiles to create a more sheltered area where you can eat outside during hot summer days or simply spend some time surrounded by the nature. Wooden gazebos can be made following specific dimensions and shapes, and nowadays you can also request to have some custom-made ones to fit specific location needs.

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    Wooden gazebos usually need a pavement where to lie on, in order to have a solid area where to fix the main parts of the whole structure. Once the ground area is ready, the structure can be fixed both to the ground and to other structures in the surrounding areas which could be a wall or some columns. In this way, your wooden structure stays solid and it can last longer. If you are willing to have a removable one, you will have to take down the whole structure before winter, and store it in a dry and cool place in order to prevent humidity from ruining the wooden parts.


    Whether you chose a removable or a fixed wooden structure, you will have to treat the wood every once in a while to preserve its resistance to humidity and potential damages coming for the usage of the structure. Specific solutions made of waterproof liquids and wood preservers additives are spraid on the structure before winter comes and sometimes during the hot seasons as well. If you opted for decorations such as tents or other materials, you will have to keep it safe and always clean in order to preserve the whole structure and make it last for a long time. Tents can usually be removed and tiles should be changed every now and then before they start to break and fall from the top of your wooden gazebo.