Above ground pools


As their name says, they are above ground pools which means they do not need to be put underground. They are place directly above your garden surface and the only prerequisite is to have a completely cleaned and neat surface without any rock or stone that could create a gap. The surface should be completely leveled down and it is always a good idea to place the pool on a cover, like a basic layer, in order to avoid the direct contact with the ground. It is usually made to resisted the winter season temperatures but just in case you can dismantle it and just store it in a cool and dry place.
Above ground pools

Bestway Steel Pro Power Pro Frame Pool 3.00m x 2.01m x 66cm - blue - Above Ground Pools (Framed pool, Rectangular, 3300 L, Blue, PVC, Steel)

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Inflatable pool

Inflatable poolThe above ground pool can be made in plastic, and it actually is the most common model, because it can be done with the inflatable version or normal version. The inflatable pool can have reduced dimensions and it can be easily used for children and kids. Always read the instructions and conditions of usage in order to make it safe, most of all when it is forbidden to jump or to use the trampoline.

    Bestway Fast Set Pool 2.74m x 76cm - Above Ground Pools (Inflatable pool, Round, 3178 L, Blue, Partial, 3 person(s))

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    Rigid pools

    Rigid pools Among the rigid pools you will have plastic pools and resin or fiberglass pools. The first one is produced completely in plastic, using poles and a solid structure. Rigid pools are chosen whenever you have plenty of room in your garden and it can host many people together if it is big enough. The fiberglass pools is directly placed above the ground and it does not need to be placed over a prefixed structure. It is usually covered by wooden layers, more for an aesthetic purpose than an actual needed one. There are several different models, fitting each and every style.

    Above ground pools: Maintenance

    Above ground pools should be cleaned and maintained just like any other pool. Water should be filtered with specific filters and depending on the dimensions, you will have to have a proper pump, big enough to respond to the amount of water it will have to filter. Moreover there are some specific solutions that should be used, such as anti-seaweed. Everything related to this matter will be provided by the producer of your pool. Usually, the providers gives also a maintenance check every other year to keep the structure safe, secure, and to make it everlasting.