Today, it has become more and more usual to see garden showers, and it is not even that expensive to set one in your garden. In order to keep the swimming pool water clean, without having to filter it very often, it is a general good rule to have a fast shower before plunging in. Moreover, once you are done with your refreshing bath, a safe and clean shower is necessary to get rid of chlorine residues from your skin.

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Solar panel shower

Depending on where and how you set your shower, you can get different kinds of showers; if you place it in a good spot of your garden, where it is most of the time exposed to the sun, you can get the chance to warm the water having warm showers to wash yourself with. Usually it is also useful to set a small place or corner, where you can leave everything you need for you shower time, like soap and towels. Having a solar panel on the top, it is not possible to regulate the warmth of the water, and in order to get enough warm shower water, you should wait for the hottest part of the day.

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    Regular shower

    Regular showerA regular shower does not have the solar panel to heat up the water. You can still have a warm shower but the amount of water would be enough for at maximum two people. Usually there is a small wooden platform where you can stand on while having the shower, just like you would do in an indoor shower box. The structure is generally simple and essential, but this does not stop it from being functional.

    Shower installation

    Most people choose to have regular water flowing through the shower tubes, so that you will have to find a place where you can connect the shower to the hydro system of your house. Unless you have a well where you can get both the water to fill up your swimming pool, and the water for your shower, then you will have to create a specific link from the whole hydro system, asking for help to plumbers and designers. No matter where you opt to place it, be sure the location is safe and repaired from potential damages or inappropriate look. It is always possible to preserve your privacy by adding aesthetical and functional parts to your garden shower.