Flower boxes


Flower boxes are good alternatives in the absence of enough space where growing flowers or any other kind of plant. It is important to get the ideal flower boxes fitting the space you have available in your garden, terrace or balcony. Depending on the usage you are willing to make out of it, you will have to pick the right material flower box, in order to get light boxes if you have to hang it on the balcony, or heavier ones if you will place it on the ground. You will find different models and different shapes, but usually, the traditional colors are green or brown. Cement-like boxes will be gray, other will have decorations, stony look, or wooden texture; it is all up to you and your garden style.
Flower boxes

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Balcony flower box

Balcony flower boxA balcony flower box should be lighter than the others because it is supposed to be hung in order to use the space correctly, having room to move and water your plants. If you are planning to set your flower box on a balcony, think also about the kind of plants you will put inside, because the box should handle the heaviness and the potential shape the flowers will get while growing. Of course, you will pick the right balcony flower box fitting your house style or decorative taste.

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    Wooden flower box

    Wooden flower boxes are very typical and appreciated. You can both find them square or rectangular, usually they go together with grids. It is ideal to get wooden boxes because they fit in any kind of garden and house style, with the benefit of lasting for long time, if well maintained, in addition to the positive outlook they can give when full with flowers like creepers or similar. The wood should be treated with the correct solution to make it waterproof and resistant, isolating the box from the outside. The water could indeed ruin the wooden parts, getting them rotten and moldy.

    Flower boxes: Plastic flower box

    Plastic flower boxPlastic is an evergreen. Plastic is less heavy and more movable than wooden boxes, they can be decorated with designs and drawings, making them more appealing, most of all if placed in visible locations. Being a whole plastic box, they should have small holes to let water drain without stagnating inside, creating a hostile environment for any kind of plant. They last for a long time, as much as the wooden ones, and if you are able to find some good ones, you can also get plastic flower boxes that look like wooden pieces thanks to decorations and grooves, without having the cost of real wooden boxes. It is also a plus that, in this case, you will not have to treat it before the winter or to preserve them from adverse weather conditions, because plastic is naturally water resistant and not so easily breakable.