Terracotta vases

Terracotta vases

These vases have to respect some specific dynamics and characteristics, and without them these vases will not be reliable. They have to be light but strong, they have to cooked at the right temperature and the terracotta must be done perfectly. The lightness, despite the heaviness of the material, is a very important point, but at the same time, it has to guarantee the strength to bear constant movements and changing. Plastic has come to substitute this material but still terracotta is considered a good alternative for pots.
Terracotta vases

Posterlounge Alu Dibond 100 x 130 cm: Poppies in a terracotta vase, 2000 di Amelia Kleiser/Bridgeman Images

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Terracotta vases characteristicsThe traditional terracotta vase is realized with a shape that most of the time recalls the shape of a cone. The diameter corresponds to the depth of the whole structure and it has to be triple the size of the bottom. In order to make it more stable, the circumference is thicker than the rest and it can be easily grabbed and moved anywhere. Dimensions can vary from very small to very big ones. Of course, the bigger the vase, the thicker its surface should be.

    Keramiplast Pasta per modellare, terracotta, 1000 g

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    Terracotta vases MaintenanceDespite plastic, terracotta vases are not really easily attackable by dirt but musk most of the time can appear on the wettest and north exposed areas. You will have to keep them cleaned and neat so that they will not develop weeds or other colors not related to their original one. Sometimes people tend to choose terracotta vases because they respect more the idea of a vase as we used to have in the past, and it is not so expensive as it could have been.


    Sometimes, people choose to have terracotta vases because they are also pieces of art, with decorations and particular shapes and colors. Terracotta vases are often part of a series which make them be not only a useful tool for your plants and greens, but also decorations for your garden and terrace. It is not so rare to have a style to follow for garden furniture which will fit with specific decorations and shapes coming from terracotta vases. Flowerpot saucers are not always present when buying terracotta vases. Some can be substituted by plastic saucers or, sometimes, the vases themselves have a specific room inside, which divide the soil from the bottom, leaving an empty draining space which will not let water stagnate.