They can be used either in your garden or on your terrace, made to fit the necessity of the place and of the plant they will host. There are many different kinds of vases, depending on the purposes they are made for. Some will fit small room in small terraces, others will be part of the garden set with particular characteristics and features, and others will be adaptable to the plant in order to be the perfect location for the greens. Vases can be light and made of particular plastic which is not heavy if they have to be hung; they can be made with heavy material like rocky or stony cement like boxes, wood and heavy plastic or resin.

Vase White

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Plastic vases are the most used for any kind of flowers or plants. Some can be decorated, others are plain, they have different colors and shapes, dimensions and purposes. If you are using plastic vases, the plant will be potted directly inside the soil in the vase. Every vase should have a small hole on the bottom where water can flow in order to let it evacuate without stagnating. Flowerpot saucers are necessary if your vase is on a terrace or in places where you need to save the area from excessive water. Otherwise, you can just leave the water flow outside the vase, down the garden soil. Vases made of resin have the same characteristic the plastic vases have, but they are heavier and it is not so easy to move them around.

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Newly made vases are real pieces of the garden furniture. Nowadays, it is not so uncommon to find vases that have lighting potentiality, and the pot can be either made of plastic or terracotta, what matters is the place where to fit the lighting device. Wooden vases are prettier but less durable if not treated with the right solutions that would preserve the wood to get rotten with water stagnation and adverse weather conditions. Some vases can have grids or poles where the plant can grow creating borders and enclosures.

Vases: Maintenance

If you opted for plastic vases you will not have a lot of maintenance to do, as long as you keep them safe and far from getting damaged, broken or thrown away. Wooden vases need to be preserved from outside agents like precipitations and similar. If you keep them protected and you use the right protectors, you will enjoy your wooden vases for longer. Cement and terracotta vases might suffer from temperature leaps and get broken, they are not easily movable but they create motif and decoration. Resin, like plastic, does not need a lot of attention, but it cannot handle low temperatures or stagnating water. Just ask for help to the seller.