Garden grids and windbreaker

Garden grids can be settled not only in the garden but also on terraces or balconies creating a green wall with growing plants throughout their holes. They can also be used to complete gazebos in order to close their open sides and create a closed and repaired environment in your garden. The windbreakers were born to be used as their name suggests, but they turned out to be as useful as garden grids. The only difference is that garden grids have holes and windbreakers have a completely closed surface. They can be used together to create gates and fences.

Both windbreakers and garden grids can be made preferably in wooden material. In fact, wood can resist any kind of weather, most of all if you treat it correctly and you take care of it with the regular maintenance. If you have to fix the grid to the ground and not to the vase of the plant, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , be sure you isolate it from water and exterior conditions because, digging it into the ground would make it go rotten easily and fast. Plastic items are also available even if the aesthetic look would be different. Plastic is lighter than wood so remember to make it stick to the place where you settle it. Windbreakers are most of the times made of woo, so it all depends on what you need and what is the main purpose of its usage.Wooden windbreaks must be taken care of every once in a while using the right treatment solutions. Do not let them sink into the ground without covering them with a layer of waterproof material to be sure it will keep its integrity. Garden grids can be made in plastic and they need less maintenance; moreover, they will cost you less. Depending on the dimensions, you will have very cheap grids that you can add to vases or fix wherever needed. You can also do windbreakers and grids on your own, buying pieces of wood and setting them up correctly. Of course, it all depends on the usage you will have to do to actually be able to have an estimated cost of these items.
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